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business-continuityBusiness Continuity Management

Consultancy support towards achieving the ISO 22301 standard. Business continuity management is a business model that outlines the strategies, plans and actions a business must take to ensure consistent performance in a time of crisis or extreme situations. A complete business continuity plan includes strategies for physical location, equipment and personnel as well as business and IT systems.

What is your Business Continuity Management Plan?

How would your business or organisation manage the following potential business critical situations?

  • Unable to gain access to premises owing to fire, flood or local evacuation.
  • Staff strike, flu pandemic or simply staff sickness during summer holiday period.
  • IT failure & loss of phone lines or prolonged localised power failure.
  • Inability of staff to get to work, e.g. snow.

If the answer to the above question is that you do not know, then you should probably read what is below.




Dealing with the unexpected

Business Continuity Management ensures that unexpected events have as little effect as possible on the day to day running of a business or organisation. Life is full of the unexpected, from an IT breakdown, a small crime incident , an accident or staff sickness to the more dramatic, like floods, fires or acts of terrorism. Business Continuity Management minimises the impact by providing a practical, reliable plan to cover most eventualities.


Protecting revenue and profits

In life “stuff happens.” A volcanic ash cloud that cripples Europe is big news, the everyday disasters that can hit any business or organisation are not big news. A small fire, vandalism, power outages or weather anomalies happen every day in the South West and can throw an unprepared business into crisis. Business continuity planning helps you protect your revenues and profits by having a strategy in place to deal with the unexpected.



Training and awareness

At its simplest, Business Continuity Management (BCM) is about putting the systems and procedures in place that will enable an organisation to continue trading and communicating during crisis situations. If your business is unable to trade because of an unforeseen disaster, you lose revenue, or worse! With that in mind, the Business Continuity Institute observes that less than a third of companies and organisations have a plan in place.



Business continuity planning

A Business Continuity Plan is an essential part of any business or organisation’s strategic planning, regardless of its size. It details how the business will operate following an incident and how it expects to return to ‘business as usual’ in the quickest possible time. Business Continuity Management is a plan on how to deal with incidents that have a serious effect on your business, rather than pay the consequences.


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